9 tips to implement Crowning Achievements online workshops in Z-Learning

The Crowning Achievements academic program launched this fall, and we wanted to give you tips from the chapters using it most on how to best implement the program. You will learn how to get started in Z-Learning, encourage members to complete their questionnaire and workshop, and integrate it into what you already do for academics. Not to mention, as members’ GPA goes up, so does your chapter’s!

Get out your pen, and write these tips from Zetas to Zetas on what’s worked for them!

1. Reveal the program by showing your members the Z-Learning website. Tell all of your awesome nerds about the great features and what it’s all about by using the Kick-Off workshop.

01_Anna Kendrick

2. Tell them why members should take the workshops. Why should they care, you ask? By taking the questionnaires and workshops in Z-Learning and applying what they learned, members will learn needed skills to achieve their academic goals, gain confidence in completing coursework and prepare for their career path. AND they will learn to study!


3. Do Z-Learning questionnaires and workshops together in a chapter meeting or in a computer lab. Everyone will actively participate and pay attention when their sisters are around the room doing the same thing. Members can share what they learned with one another and get great advice. Just remember to bring headphones because most of the workshops have sound.


4. If your chapter uses Berry Bucks, or ZTA “Monopoly money” members can trade in at the end of the semester/quarter for prizes, give those to members who completed it as an incentive. Make it RAIN!

04_Liz Lemon

5. Help members brush up on their academic skills like J. Law’s obvious talents. Fulfill the requirement of one academic skill-based program per year by connecting member’s lowest questionnaire scores to the topic of the in-person academic achievement program.

05_Jennifer Lawrence

6. When members complete their questionnaire and workshop, make it count as a study hour for the week (if your chapter has a study hours program). Take a break from the books to learn how to stop procrastinating or study smarter.

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7. Who doesn’t love prizes? Use social media shout outs or candy as incentives to complete their questionnaire and workshop.


8. Your members just might forget to log on after the Kick-Off, so send friendly reminders after the Kick-Off meeting with quick instructions of how to log onto Z-Learning and what they need to do.

08_Parent Trap

9. Encourage members to actually apply the strategies they learned in the workshops to their classes. Follow up with activities to spark conversation and remind members about the helpful strategies.


Remember, if you are Academic Achievement Chairman, you can check out who has completed their questionnaire and workshop in ZetaBase by logging in, going to the Z-Learning tab and choosing the report you want to see. These are your go-to reports to give out prizes and incentives.

Now go use these tips and strive for academic greatness!

*Thank you to those rockstar chapters who contributed to this list: Beta Upsilon, Delta Eta, Delta Iota, Delta Mu, Eta Lambda, Kappa Lambda, Kappa Pi, Theta Kappa, Upsilon, Zeta Nu, Zeta Omega and Zeta Upsilon.


ZTA Rewind: Our Best Moments of 2014

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9 things the Founders taught us about academics

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  2. Prioritization is an essential skill. Alice Bland Coleman knew a thing or two about prioritizing academics while balancing ZTA and other activities. This skill later helped her as the first Secretary of ZTA. 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics
  3. Be on time and be present. Maud Jones Horner was insistent about people showing up on time and never skipping meetings…the same goes for class. Pay attention and take good notes! 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics
  4. Always be prepared. Ethel Coleman Van Name—known as the “poised” founder—would want you to be calm, cool and collected before your tests! 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics
  5. Organization is key. Della Lewis Hundley was big on doing things in an orderly fashion, which helped her to feel confident in her academic endeavors. 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics
  6. Always be humble in your academic success. Helen May Crafford, with her background in teaching, would also want you to use your success to help tutor or mentor your sisters! 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics
  7. A strong commitment to your academics is a great foundation for your next steps after graduation. You could be like Frances Yancey Smith and go on for a second degree, or be smiling proud after landing your first job! 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics
  8. Utilize your resources, like the Crowning Achievements program, and also share knowledge with others. Ruby Leigh Orgain was all about learning and sharing resources with others, like many of her writings that were published by the Fraternity. 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics
  9. Being an active student and member of ZTA will encourage others to do the same! Alice Grey Walsh—the lively and involved sister—always modeled the way to her fellow founders. 9 Things the Founders Taught Us About Academics

Check out Z-Learning for yourself by using your Sisters Only login and password and clicking on the Z-Learning button on the left.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be on Z-Learning

  1. Z-Learning is right where you are every day—on your computer, tablet or phone.
    Top 10 Reasons You Should Be on Z-Learning
  2. You access Z-Learning with your Sisters Only login and password, so it is personalized just for you.
    Top 10 Reasons You Should be on Z-Learning
  3. Find what you need anytime, anywhere.
    Top 10 Reasons You Should be on Z-Learning
  4. You can find short, bite-sized online workshops and games that take less than eight minutes each to complete.
    Top 10 Reasons You Should be on Z-Learning
  5. Online workshops are interactive and keep you on your toes with videos, narration and activities.
    Top 10 Reasons You Should be on Z-Learning
  6. See real ZTA sisters and chapters featured in the workshops and videos in Z-Learning.
    Top 10 Reasons You Should Be on Z-Learning
  7. Embrace your inner nerd to reach your academic goals with the Crowning Achievements program found in Z-Learning.
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  8. Z-Learning also has just-for-fun workshops with ZTA FRED facts. Take a few and impress others with your ZTA trivia knowledge.
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  9. Find the officer and program resources you need to reach rockstar status.
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  10. More content will be added throughout the year, so keep running back to Z-Learning!
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