There is life after graduation

Graduation is possibly the most exciting and terrifying moment in anyone’s life. Luckily, we have our ZTA sisters to help us through it all. There is life after graduation, just take it from these gifs of Ellie Kemper (of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “The Office” and “Bridesmaids” fame).

There’s a whole new post-grad world for you to explore!
Kimmy OutsideYou might even be moving into an apartment complex that isn’t purely inhabited by college students.
Ellie ballroomYou have get to make more grown-up decisions for yourself.
Kimmy SchmidtOnce you get that first job, you can treat yourself.
Ellie steakLet’s be real, there will be days you miss college.
Kimmy sad faceOn those days, simply ask yourself, “Do I miss doing homework and taking tests?”
Ellie noThen remember that by joining an alumnae chapter you can make even more ZTA friends!
Ellie bridesmaids posseRandomly texting with your college friends will still unexpectedly make your day.
Ellie textingWith your sisters behind you, you can do anything. After all, you’re UNBREAKABLE! Now, ditch the backpack and get ready to take on the world!
Ellie unbreakable