You’re a new officer! Now what? 9 ways to rock the beginning of your term

Congratulations on being elected or appointed in a ZTA officer role! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year.

Now that you are in place, what do you do next? Get going with these top ways to rock the first 90 days of your term. Take notes and check each one off as you go. You’ll be ready to start your year with a bang!

1. Get to know your officer role inside and out by doing your homework. Read the manuals, guides and resources available to you. So much can be found on the Sisters Only site under officer resources.

2. Meet or talk with those whom you will be working with, like advisors, National Officers, other chapter officers or committee members, faculty/staff members and/or vendors. Learn about each other and bounce your ideas off of them. You might just become best friends!

3. Build teamwork as an Executive Committee or Program Council. Play games, get to know each other and find ways to collaborate and cross-program.

4. Get organized by creating your own binder and files. Create a calendar for the year ahead and highlight and color-code important deadlines and events. Check out the Sisters Only site for your resources if you haven’t already!

5. Dream of what you could accomplish as a new officer and create a clear vision. Members want to follow leaders who can dream beyond the chapter’s current challenges and clearly articulate a brighter vision of the future.

6. Brainstorm new ideas for your office. Think about creative solutions before immediately going with your first idea. Don’t get stuck with what your chapter has already done. Be bold!

7. Listen to other members and see what ideas they have for your officer role. Talk one-on-one or send out a quick survey online. What would they change about your office or the programs you plan? This is valuable feedback to make your year successful.

8. Make SMART goals for the year by using this tool. It will help you set personal goals and set up the steps to achieve them

9. Spring into action by working your plan. Nothing will happen unless you DO something!

Bonus! Do an officer photo shoot as sisterhood bonding. Find tons of ideas of concepts on the ZTA Pinterest Page. Create your very own signature move.


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