8 Ways New Members Can Bond Without Hazing

One of the notorious excuses for hazing is it promotes group unity. Research shows that most members who have been hazed don’t feel that it made them closer (Allan & Madden, 2008).

A positive new member experience creates unity and strengthens their love for ZTA all at once. Below are just a few ways new members can bond without hazing as a part of the process.

Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Just watch your face.

Play intramural sports together, like softball, soccer or volleyball.

Your VP II-New Member Coordinator can organize a new member retreat/sleepover.

Learn about the beautiful history and values of Zeta Tau Alpha through new member meetings.

Watch an awards show together and see if you can predict the next fall from Jennifer Lawrence. Remember this one?

Help a sister out by studying together.

Eat anything and everything with strawberries in it.

Play fun games and team-building activities to get to know each other.

Reference: Allan, E.J & Madden, M. (2008). Hazing in view: College students at risk. Retrieved from http://umaine.edu/hazingresearch/files/2012/10/hazing_in_view_web.pdf


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