Sisterhood Is…

We’re kicking off National Hazing Prevention Week 2014 by bringing you some of the best things ZTA has to offer.

ZTA sisterhood means different things to each of us. What does sisterhood mean to you? Let us know what you would add to this list by using the hashtag #ZTASisterhoodIs.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Accepting someone for who they truly are.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Looking out for each another.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Sincere, open and honest.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Being there for you when you need some tough love.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Making each other smile.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Working together toward a common goal.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Being trusting and supportive of each other.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Standing up for one another in times of need.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… “Synchronized lady dancing…” during recruitment or a campus performance.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Timeless and unconditional—even when someone might not want our Zeta Love at that moment.

ZTA Sisterhood Is… Commitment to preventing and confronting hazing.

ZTA supports HazingPrevention.Org and National Hazing Prevention Week (#NHPW14). To be part of our celebration, fill in the blank on Twitter.
ZTA Sisterhood Is______________.


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