These Videos Have Value

National Ritual Celebration Week sets aside a time each year when we can reflect on the core values of our organization, the foundation of Zeta Tau Alpha. We have a series of videos to help you do just that!

Reflect Values in Action
We make 35,000 decisions each day on average. From what to wear to what events to attend, our values guide these decisions big and small. REFLECT on your values in action with this short animated piece.

Secret Thoughts of a Ritual
What if our ritual could speak for itself? Would it say that you do a good job of living the values it taught you? Watch this video to explore what our ritual might say if it could talk to sisters today. It’s based on an essay by Sigma Chi member Edward King.

The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha
Travel back in time to hear The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha read by its author, Shirley Kreasan Strout. These words still hold the same power and meaning as they did when she wrote them in 1928.

What Does The Creed Mean to You?
Speaking of The Creed, what does it mean to YOU? Our Iota Eta Chapter at the University of Nevada Las Vegas made its own video, interviewing members about their personal connection to each line of The Creed.

Herff Jones Badges
The ZTA badge is an outward symbol of our commitment to ZTA and its values. See how badges are made in this video from Herff Jones, our official jeweler.

Tour Longwood University: Ruffner Hall
Ever wonder what the building where ZTA was founded is really like? Take a tour of Ruffner Hall at Longwood University, where our Founders first outlined our core values. While the actual building has burned down multiple times since 1898, it’s been restored to his original beauty.


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