How do you live the ZTA ritual?

It’s National Ritual Celebration Week, and we get it, it can be hard to figure out how to celebrate ZTA ritual when we ask you to keep it a secret.

Yes, we like to keep the exact words and actions performed in ritual under wraps—it’s a special experience we share among sisters. But the lessons and values our rituals impart are meant to be shared with the world through our actions! If we plan to build up a “nobler womanhood,” we have to walk the talk. We have to put the values into action.

Take The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha, for example. We might recite it in chapter meetings, but it’s not meant to be just a bunch of words that roll off our tongues. It’s a living, breathing mantra for us to live.

This week, think about how you live ZTA ritual. Do you need some ideas on how you can live it better? These are just some of the ways our collegiate and alumnae members show us how they live The Creed. Celebrate this week by doing some of these things!

To realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives;
1_Delta Psi_Bid Day_06
(This new member is really excited about the opportunity we just gave her!)

to be true to ourselves, to those within and without our circle;
(It’s a circle with our Panhellenic sisters. See what we did there? Show your ZTA kindness to sisters and beyond!)

to think in terms of all mankind and our service in the world;
(Precious! Service often makes you feel as good as those you serve.)

to be steadfast, strong, and clean of heart and mind, remembering that since the thought is father to the deed, only that which we would have manifested in our experience should be entertained in thought;
Delta Sigma_Sisterhood
(Act in a way that matches your thoughts and values, your heart and mind. Be authentic! Be you!)

to find satisfaction in being, rather than seeming, thus strengthening in us the higher qualities of the spirit;
(Ladies, this actually tells us to live our ritual! And look how much fun you can have doing it. Show that ZTA spirit!)

to prepare for service and learn the nobility of serving, thereby earning the right to be served;
(This is perfect! To help an alumnae chapter sister who had been active in the chapter for decades–earning the right to be served, these Zetas and their families made her home improvements.)

to seek understanding that we might gain true wisdom;
(This recent ZTA grad is ready to take on the world with wisdom at her fingertips!)

to look for the good in everyone;
(What a good way to tell a sister why she is special!)

to see beauty, with its enriching influence;
(Is there anything more beautiful than honoring a survivor?)

to be humble in success, and without bitterness in defeat;
(Right on, sister! Success feels good; living your values feels even better. Why not both?)

to have the welfare and harmony of the Fraternity at heart, striving ever to make our lives a symphony of high ideals, devotion to the Right, the Good, and the True, without a discordant note;
(Ever is the key word, here. As in, Zeta is Forever. Attending initiation as an alumna shows that!)

remembering always that the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was Love, “the greatest of all things.”
Zeta Heart_Sarah Slaughter


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