What Hollywood has Taught Us About Hazing

Those being hazed are often made to look ridiculous. Even people you never thought could look uncool, like the beloved Zach Morris.

I bet he wishes the bell would save him about now.
(clip from “Saved by the Bell”)

But hazers usually look stupid too. I mean…who does this? A ketchup dance?

(clip from “Dazed and Confused”)

It’s never the good guys doing the hazing, just the unlikable characters we love to hate. (P.S. Cloaks are never a good look. #creepy)animal_house_1978_omega_pledge_ceremonyanimal house 1
(pics from “Animal House”)

Hazing doesn’t actually teach you things that make you a better member, brother or sister. And it makes the chapter look foolish.

(clip from “Greek”)

The side effects are almost always painful.
(clip from “Old School”)

Sometimes hazing hurts more than just those being hazed.
I did not torture the chicken
(clip from “The Social Network”)

You usually get busted, and that’s never fun. After all, hazing is AGAINST THE LAW in 44 states. You could even get put on the dreaded Double Secret Probation.
Double Secret Probation

(pic from “Animal House”)

Ever try to get into grad school with a felony on your record?
Oh no you didnt
It’s not the easy road, that’s for sure.


So just don’t do it! 

Friends don’t let friends haze.
Friends don't let friends haze

National Hazing Prevention Week 2013 was Sept. 23-27. To educate our members and others about hazing prevention, Zeta Tau Alpha developed lists (inspired by BuzzFeed) to highlight positive member experiences and combat hazing. While these lists might be funny, hazing is not a joke. Join ZTA to end hazing by doing the right thing, for the right reason, all the time.


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