9 Signs New Members are having a ZLAMtastic experience

When Zetas invest in new members—in the new member program and in the women personally—they tend to create that special bond of sisterhood that we LOVE to talk about. sisterhood quotes

When they feel it, they kind of geek out on it. When hazing is not a part of the experience, new members can grow into stellar sisters and future leaders from day one.

Here are some ways to know if your new members are REALLY having a ZLAMtastic ZTA experience.

1. They’ve renamed their pet Maud or Ruby.

2. They sing ZTA songs in the shower.
02_Songs in Shower_Easy A

3. They volunteer for ZTA committees and new opportunities.
03_Volunteer_Mean Girls

4. Their parents have offered to help out because their daughters love ZTA so much.
04_Parents_Mean Girls

5. They’re acing tests with the help of ZTA study buddies and sessions.
05_Acing Tests_Bing Bang Theory

6. They eat strawberries at every meal.

7. They know our ZTA Creed and live it!
07_Creed_Miranda Kerr

8. They’ve told their friends they have to sign up for recruitment.
08_Recruitment_Gossip Girl

9. Their fingers are stuck in a permanent crown.
09_crown fingers


National Hazing Prevention Week 2013 was Sept. 23-27. To educate our members and others about hazing prevention, Zeta Tau Alpha developed lists (inspired by BuzzFeed) to highlight positive member experiences and combat hazing. Join ZTA to end hazing by doing the right thing, for the right reason, all the time.


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