There is life after graduation

Graduation is possibly the most exciting and terrifying moment in anyone’s life. Luckily, we have our ZTA sisters to help us through it all. There is life after graduation, just take it from these gifs of Ellie Kemper (of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “The Office” and “Bridesmaids” fame).

There’s a whole new post-grad world for you to explore!
Kimmy OutsideYou might even be moving into an apartment complex that isn’t purely inhabited by college students.
Ellie ballroomYou have get to make more grown-up decisions for yourself.
Kimmy SchmidtOnce you get that first job, you can treat yourself.
Ellie steakLet’s be real, there will be days you miss college.
Kimmy sad faceOn those days, simply ask yourself, “Do I miss doing homework and taking tests?”
Ellie noThen remember that by joining an alumnae chapter you can make even more ZTA friends!
Ellie bridesmaids posseRandomly texting with your college friends will still unexpectedly make your day.
Ellie textingWith your sisters behind you, you can do anything. After all, you’re UNBREAKABLE! Now, ditch the backpack and get ready to take on the world!
Ellie unbreakable


9 tips to implement Crowning Achievements online workshops in Z-Learning

The Crowning Achievements academic program launched this fall, and we wanted to give you tips from the chapters using it most on how to best implement the program. You will learn how to get started in Z-Learning, encourage members to complete their questionnaire and workshop, and integrate it into what you already do for academics. Not to mention, as members’ GPA goes up, so does your chapter’s!

Get out your pen, and write these tips from Zetas to Zetas on what’s worked for them!

1. Reveal the program by showing your members the Z-Learning website. Tell all of your awesome nerds about the great features and what it’s all about by using the Kick-Off workshop.

01_Anna Kendrick

2. Tell them why members should take the workshops. Why should they care, you ask? By taking the questionnaires and workshops in Z-Learning and applying what they learned, members will learn needed skills to achieve their academic goals, gain confidence in completing coursework and prepare for their career path. AND they will learn to study!


3. Do Z-Learning questionnaires and workshops together in a chapter meeting or in a computer lab. Everyone will actively participate and pay attention when their sisters are around the room doing the same thing. Members can share what they learned with one another and get great advice. Just remember to bring headphones because most of the workshops have sound.


4. If your chapter uses Berry Bucks, or ZTA “Monopoly money” members can trade in at the end of the semester/quarter for prizes, give those to members who completed it as an incentive. Make it RAIN!

04_Liz Lemon

5. Help members brush up on their academic skills like J. Law’s obvious talents. Fulfill the requirement of one academic skill-based program per year by connecting member’s lowest questionnaire scores to the topic of the in-person academic achievement program.

05_Jennifer Lawrence

6. When members complete their questionnaire and workshop, make it count as a study hour for the week (if your chapter has a study hours program). Take a break from the books to learn how to stop procrastinating or study smarter.

06_Gilmore Girls

7. Who doesn’t love prizes? Use social media shout outs or candy as incentives to complete their questionnaire and workshop.


8. Your members just might forget to log on after the Kick-Off, so send friendly reminders after the Kick-Off meeting with quick instructions of how to log onto Z-Learning and what they need to do.

08_Parent Trap

9. Encourage members to actually apply the strategies they learned in the workshops to their classes. Follow up with activities to spark conversation and remind members about the helpful strategies.


Remember, if you are Academic Achievement Chairman, you can check out who has completed their questionnaire and workshop in ZetaBase by logging in, going to the Z-Learning tab and choosing the report you want to see. These are your go-to reports to give out prizes and incentives.

Now go use these tips and strive for academic greatness!

*Thank you to those rockstar chapters who contributed to this list: Beta Upsilon, Delta Eta, Delta Iota, Delta Mu, Eta Lambda, Kappa Lambda, Kappa Pi, Theta Kappa, Upsilon, Zeta Nu, Zeta Omega and Zeta Upsilon.

Everything you may have missed during NRCW

National Ritual Celebration Week has come and gone and our love for ZTA rituals is stronger than ever. NRCW was full of sisterhood moments, as always. Read this list to ensure you didn’t miss any of the zetariffic details!

First of all, International Badge Day was amazing. Seeing all our sisters (both ZTA and Panhellenic) sporting their badges filled us with pride. Check out our #BadgeDay15 Facebook album here.

Badge MeasurementsNPC Badges

Did you find out which line of The Creed is your personal mantra yet? This may be one of our best quizzes ever. As of March 9, it was completed more than 4,300 times!


We were blown away by this video of our sisters from almost 50 chapters reciting The Creed all over the world (seriously, one of our sisters delivered a line while paragliding through the Swiss Alps). If this doesn’t make you feel the Zeta Love, we don’t know what will.

Throughout the week, we watched sisters connect and grow via Facebook comments, tweets and Instagrams related to our five open values taken from The Creed—loyalty, responsibility, service, leadership and commitment. Together, we posted, tweeted and ‘grammed 700+ times using #IAmTheCreed!






As always, we are grateful for our Panhellenic sisters and the things we share. This graphic shows you just how much we all have in common when it comes to our missions, purposes and creeds.

Organization Values_Twitter

Speaking of values and leadership, have you considered adding some bling to your badge? See how you can show off your accomplishments with a badge dangle in this video. Head to to learn more.

We’d like to send a special “thank you” to the many Zetas who helped make this week a success by sending in clips for The Creed video, posting on social media using our hashtags and doing everything in between. Our hearts are overflowing with love for our Fraternity after #NRCW ‘15 and we can’t wait to see what next year brings!

2015 ZLAMMYs

Tonight, the 87th Academy Awards will highlight the brightest of the year’s films and stars. So we figured we would get in on the fun and give out our version of the Oscars—the ZLAMMYs—to recognize some of the little ways our chapters are making our crown sparkle brighter than ever.

Check out cool things our collegians and alumnae are doing, and be inspired to try new things with your chapter!

The recruitment video that makes us want to join ZTA again
Gamma Alpha Chapter, University of Miami, FL
Open House Video

The most ZLAMtastic Bid Day theme
Eta Xi Chapter, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, VA
Spring Bid Day, “Chozen”

The most heartwarming Bid Day video that makes us want to run home
Kappa Phi Chapter, Christopher Newport University, VA
Bid Day Video

The most awesome grasp of the biennium theme: Greatness
Beta Upsilon Chapter, Kansas State University, KS
Zeta Greatness video

The most Zeta-riffic graduation caps
Zeta Beta Chapter, Thiel College, PA
zeta riffic caps

The alumnae chapter recruitment event that keeps you coming back for more
Greenwood, SC Chapter
Journey of a Lifetime
Alumnae from this chapter kicked off the year with a travel-themed party. Each member received a “passport” that they will fill by attending events throughout the year. The more involved they are, the more stamps they’ll get toward a grand prize!
SC_Greenwood_Candle Pass

The zelebrity status-worthy Chapter News Report
A good Chapter News Report is detailed! It includes who, what, when, where, why and how. It includes pictures that are relevant to the reported news and it makes it easy for anyone to understand what the chapter has been up to! These two chapters provided relevant, detailed news with high-res photos to match.

Beta Gamma Chapter, Florida State University

Beta Gamma_Sisterhood

Austin, TX Alumnae Chapter

The use of the new brand that makes us proud (and want to put a crown on anything and everything!)
Iota Eta Chapter, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Bid Day flag
Iota Eta_Bid Day_Brand FlagThe legacy event every kiddo would want to attend
Psi Chapter, University of Washington and Seattle, WA Alumnae Chapter
Psi Chapter members gave local alumnae moms a break by spending the day with playing games and decorating cookies with their kids.Psi_Officer Training_02

The T-Shirt we all want to wear
Delta Gamma Chapter, High Point University, NC
Bid Day shirt
High Point

The alumnae Think Pink® event we love
Houston, TX Alumnae Association
Think Pink® Brunch

This fundraising event has it all: a brunch buffet packed with southern favorites like shrimp and grits, a photo booth with loads of props, celebrity participation (Project Runway alum designs a scarf for survivors), a silent auction, and even a pop-up boutique where a portion of the shopping proceeds go to the ZTA Foundation. 
houston think pinkThe highest percentage of completed Z-Learning workshops (so far!)
Zeta Upsilon Chapter, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
91% of chapter members
Zeta Upsilon_Bid Day_01

The parents’ day activity that taught everyone the “nobility of serving”
Iota Alpha Chapter, Robert Morris University
One of the best ways to get parents involved in the ZTA experience is through service. The members of Iota Alpha Chapter and their parents served others by making robes for cancer patients at a local hospital.
Iota Alpha_Sisterhood_01

Inspiring way to show appreciation for chapter supporters
Eta Theta Chapter, Missouri University of Science and Technology
The sisters of Eta Theta Chapter thanked their House Director and chef with a surprise dinner of pizza (so no one had to cook!), cake and tokens of gratitude, such as gift cards to a local restaurant and personalized t-shirts and aprons.
Missouri S&T

Zeta Tau Alpha: A Love Story

This Valentine’s Day we’re focusing on love, the greatest of all things. There are many types of love, but there’s nothing quite like the love we have for our sisters. The Zeta Tau Alpha love story is one that stays with us throughout our lives and one that should be celebrated. Check out these nine reasons why Zeta love is the best love ever.

1. From the moment you hugged your new sisters on Bid Day, you knew you’d found best friends for life.

2. Whether you’re working together to put on an awesome Think Pink® event or competing in an intramural game together, you and your sisters make a great team.

3. You know that no matter what happens, nothing can tear you apart.
4. You can truly be yourself around your sisters and you know they will still love you.
5. Your sisters always know what to say to cheer you up or encourage you.
6. You know they will always have your back and you will always have theirs.
7. You never want to leave your sisters and find it hard to walk away after spending time with each other. You just like being together!
8. But you know that no matter where you all are, the bonds of sisterhood will remain strong.
9. Because your sisters are your people, and they always will be.
This Valentine’s Day, be sure to tell your sisters how much you love them.

Collegiate View: Dear Leader

Allison Photo 2Allison Harris
Gamma Nu (University of Virginia)
President 2013-2014

Growing up, I always found a great group of friends through sports. Playing soccer and basketball in high school allowed me to find my place and develop close friendships through countless hours with teammates. I stopped playing sports when I came to college. Upon entering sorority recruitment, I hoped to find a new kind of team, but I didn’t realize I would eventually gain much more. I was given the opportunity to lead my chapter as President when I was elected halfway through my third year.

The leadership experience I have obtained through my positions in ZTA has been invaluable. I have learned about myself and developed into a more effective leader in the process. As a new officer, you may be feeling excited and overwhelmed about the road ahead. Here are a few lessons I learned during my term as President that may help you jumpstart the new year:

  1. The key to being a successful leader is respect. First, you must respect yourself. Take pride in the way you behave and be conscious of the way you present yourself to others. In doing so, you will not only be respectable, but you will also be a role model. Second, always respect others. From National Council, advisors and Traveling Leadership Consultants to your Executive Committee, Program Council and general members, treat others the way you want to be treated. This will allow you to build mutual respect and develop meaningful relationships. People will be more invested in working toward a common goal and more likely to lend a helping hand.
  2. Keep an open mind. Given your leadership role, it is easy to assume you know what is best for your chapter, but the truth is you might not always be right. With ever changing situations and varying circumstances, identifying the best solution is not always a simple task. Work with other officers, advisors and members to brainstorm creative and effective solutions.
  3. Delegate tasks and trust other leaders. Personally, I tend to be somewhat of a control freak and a perfectionist at times. During my time as President, I was pretty ambitious. I had a lot of ideas for what I wanted to see our chapter accomplish. I soon realized I would fail if I attempted to do everything on my own. From sisterhood and philanthropy events to chapter meetings, one person can only accomplish so much. I had to lean on my Executive Committee, Program Council and chapter advisors. At times you may be overwhelmed and stressed, but you are not alone. Many people want to see your chapter succeed. As you delegate responsibilities, members will feel needed and become invested in the organization.
  4. Be a sister to all. I remember once joining a new soccer team and not feeling welcome. I was uncomfortable around my new teammates, which made me less excited to attend practices, games and team events. Making a friend on the team transformed my experience. Get to know as many people as possible, and let them know they have a friend. You will gain a better understanding of your chapter, which is imperative as an officer and will help you select the next best leaders for each position, plan events, and most importantly, give your members what they are looking for in a sorority.
  5. Always, always say thank you. Whether you’re working with chapter members, other officers, advisors or National Officers, remember to thank everyone for their assistance. Smooth operations require cooperation from many different individuals. It is important to recognize all of the help you receive and to be appreciative. Giving thanks will show others you are grateful for their help, and in return, they will be more likely to help again in the future.

I hope these tips help you find success in your leadership position. As a leader, you have the opportunity to develop your own Zeta team. Reach out to your members, trust your fellow leaders, listen with open ears and respect all. Remember to be thankful, and you will build an undefeatable team.

ZTA Rewind: Our Best Moments of 2014

During our 116th year of sisterhood, we reached for new heights, saw some new trends, gained new direction and much more. See some of our highlights from the past year in this infographic. Scroll to the bottom for links to more information.

2014 Wrap Up Overall newClick these links for more on these highlights: